Storytelling is an integral part of creating community change.  It is through storytelling that we reveal who we really are, build bonds of trust through vulnerability with one another, and move people to action.  And that's why we've created the Stories Project in partnership with ReThink Health.

The Stories Project pairs trained Listeners with members of the community to capture stories of aging with dignity, economic security, and life in Claremont.  Each story session lasts about an hour and the stories are recorded by trained Listeners, but kept confidential.  The recorded stories are sent off to be transcribed and redacted before analyzed by ReThink Health staff.  Over time, the myriad stories and the data drawn from each story accumulates to give us an accurate picture of what life is like in the Valley.  Our hope is that the data and vibrant stories collected from the Stories Project will impact change in organizations and systems that give shape to our local healthcare, social, and economic systems.

We are currently collecting stories of aging with dignity, economic security, and life in Claremont.

While stories in the Stories Project are kept confidential, many participants in the Stories Project lend their faces and voices to the cause of creating change and take part in our art exhibit "Take Another Look."